Located at 436+442 East 13th Street, THIRTEEN EAST+WEST is half a block from the L train on 14th Street and just one block from the new Target and Trader Joes.

Blending the grit and attitude of the past with the eclectic tastes of the present, the neighborhood known as the East Village—covering east of 5th Avenue & University Place to the East River and sandwiched between 14th Street and Houston—remains a bastion of New York City energy and excitement.   

Locales like St. Marks and Alphabet City have become crucibles of diverse restaurants, bars, cafes, barbershops, boutiques, thrift & antique stores, salons, delis, and studios. Avenue C, in particular, has been transformed into a corridor of trendy spots attracting expats and locals alike. Places like Zum Schneider—a Bavarian-style beer garden—and Edi & The Wolf—a rustic-styled eatery serving Austrian fare—are a few of the places breathing new life into their surroundings. First and Second Avenues have undergone a similar revolution in recent years, with new restaurants, bars and some of the best clubs in town settling on its concrete shores. Yet, for all this change, neighborhood mainstays like Veniero’s—an Italian bakery whose origins stretch back over 120 years—and Veselka—a veteran from the 1950s and one of several authentic Ukranian establishments in the area—still shine through.  

And as for its residents, the East Village boasts a population as varied and multifaceted as any other part of the city, perhaps more so. People of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles have found in this neighborhood a feeling they could not grasp anywhere else. A sense of home.